About Us

The idea of ‘Gul’ was conceived years ago etched across the pages of the designers old notebooks. Her love for design & crafting pieces of aesthetics led to the birth of this luxe pret & couturier brand.

Gul represents everything luxe; it represents grandeur & opulence of old world charms merging with the glitz of contemporary times. We are a brand of contemporary classics, a brand of keepsakes, pursuer & preserver of antiquity & traditions, forerunners at keeping times with what’s modern.

‘Gul’ encapsulates the essence of the olden era when precious pieces of traditional wear and jewellery were shared and worn in multiple generations, and every time the women felt beautiful and feminine wearing them. We at Gul believe in reusing the timeless classics occasion after occasion, as sets or separates. We want to promote the feeling of pride in wearing and repeating our designs, because thats what real women do. Each piece is one of a kind and limited production only.